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Sukharev, Vladimir Alexandrovich Sukharev, Vladimir Alexandrovich Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Chair of Humanities and Socio-Economic Studies at the Khabarovsk Frontier Institute of the FSS of RF. He was born on August 18, 1953, in Nikopol of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, the Ukraine SSR. In 1983, he graduated with honors from the V.I. Lenin Military Political Academy. The theme of his Doctoral dissertation was Social Characteristics of the Personality of Officer: Essence, Content, System, Formation (Socio-Philosophical Analysis) (2004). His academic interests include social philosophy and ethics. He is the author of more than 70 research and research-methodological papers.



Sukharev V.. Complex Research of the Contents of Education of Officers in Specialized Educational Institutions: Monograph Khabarovsk, 2008. 148 p.
Sukharev V.. Methodology of Research of Socio-Professional Image of Officer of Frontier Authorities of FSS RF and the Process of its Formation: Monograph. Khabarovsk, 2007. 163 p.
Sukharev V.. Socio-professional Characteristics of Officer of Frontier Authorities of FSS RF and their Formation (Socio-philosophic Analysis): Monograph. oscow, 2003. 218 p.


Sukharev V.. Safety Threats in the Far East and the Problems of Improvement of the System of Training the Staff for Frontier Structures // Herald of FEB RAS. 2004. 1. P. 115.

Educational Aids

Sukharev V.. Professional Ethics of the Staff of Frontier Authorities of FSS RF: Textbook. Khabarovsk, 2007. 299 p.
Sukharev V.. Philosophy: Educational Aid. Khabarovsk, 2005. 415 p.

Address: Address: Room 353, 85, Bolshaya Str., Khabarovsk, 680017
Tel. (4212) 73-88-50, fax (4212) 74-93-55

Sukharev V. A.


The article considers different approaches to the research of problems of national security: hermeneutic, historic, socio-cultural, axiological, activity-functional, synergetic, system and complex. The author analyses the system and the structure of national security and the whole range of objective and subjective factors of different levels, scope and complexity influencing the national security of Russia.

Key words: national security, threat, danger, sources of danger, subject of danger, destructive force, security, security system, security factors.

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