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Gerasimenko, Anatoly Petrovich Gerasimenko, Anatoly Petrovich Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Professor of the Chair of Theory and History State and Law at the Amur State University. He was born on March 9, 1948, in Fergana of the Uzbek SSR. In 1971, he graduated from the Faculty of History of the Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical Institute. The theme of his Candidates dissertation was Criticism of the Present-Day Theories of the Youth Culture of the Left Radicals in the USA (1979), the theme of his Doctoral thesis was Dichotomy Typology of the Political Phenomena (1997). He is the Dean of the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the Amur State University, a member of Dissertation Councils on Political Studies at the FENU, on the Philosophical Studies at the Amur State University. His academic interests include philosophy of law, history of political and history of political and juridical scholars and theoretical jurisprudence.


Gerasimenko .P. Essays on Dichotomy Typology of the Political Phenomena. Blagoveshchensk: Amur State University, 1997. 205p.
Gerasimenko .P. Politics and Law in Russia (introduction into the history of doctrines). Blagoveshchensk, Amur State University, Jurist, 2006. 256p.
Gerasimenko .P. Philosophy of Law. Introduction. Blagoveshchensk, Amur State University, Education Consultant Center Jurist, 2007. 111p.

Address: Address: 21, room.310, Ignatyev Highway, Blagoveshchensk,
Tel. (4162) 39-46-70

Gerasimenko A. P.


The article substantiates the idea of the need for fundamental juridical education. The author notes that within the frameworks of an educational institution, neither student nor teacher must strive for acquiring full range knowledge of constantly changing current legislation. The author considers the following disciplines critical for students of Law: philosophy of law, sociology of law, history of Russian juridical thought, juridical ethics, history of parties and public movements in Russia, Russian and foreign juridical lexis, and juridical informatics.

Key words: Philosophy of Law, juridical education, science, ideology, understanding of law, political-legal conceptions.

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