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Valkovskaya, Victoria Victorovna Valkovskaya, Victoria Victorovna Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Chair of Philosophy at the Far Eastern State Transportation University. She was born December 29, 1961, in Blagoveshchensk of the Amur Oblast. In 1985, she graduated with honors from the M.V. Lomonosovs Moscow State University, the Faculty of Philosophy. She had a post-graduate course and a doctorates candidacy at the Moscow State University. The theme of her Candidates dissertation was The Unity of the Natural and Social in the Historical Process (1989); the theme of her Doctoral dissertation was Ecological Awareness as Self-Awareness of a Civilization (2000). Her academic interests include philosophy of history, philosophical problems of the natural science, and social ecology.


Valkovskaya V.V. Socio-Philosophic Analysis of the Present Day Situation. Khabarovsk: FESTU, 2000. 137p.
Valkovskaya V.V. Value of Nature // Philosophy and Society, 1998. #6. P.103124.
Valkovskaya V.V. Changing Conceptions of Space and Time and Development of Means of Transportation // Philosophy and Society, 1999. 5. P.4871.
Valkovskaya V.V. Heuristic Capabilities of the Category Civilization // The Humanities and Social Studies in the Far East. 2004. #4. .1419.
Valkovskaya V.V. Sustainable Development: from Utopia to Reality // The Humanities and Social Studies in the Far East. 2008. #1. P.923.

Address: Address: 47, Seryshev Str., Khabarovsk, 680021
The Chair of Philosophy (room 3235).
Tel. (4212) 64-73-92. e-mail: wolf@festu.khv.ru.

Valkovskaya V. V.


The author considers training the research staff to be the most important direction of her activity, and pays it much attention. This caused the publication of a section of her teaching aid "History and Philosophy of Natural Science", which presents the author's position on the problems of philosophy of ecology and puts forward a task to promote a feeling of ecological anxiety and responsibility for the environment of the Earth in a reader, along with the considerable theoretical schooling.

Key words: social ecology, ecological awareness, interaction of society and nature, environment, technosphere, civilization.

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