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Blyakher, Leonid Efimovich Blyakher, Leonid Efimovich Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, the Head of the Chair of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at the Pacific State University, a member of the United Council for the Social Studies of the Presidium of the FED RAS, a member of editorial board of the journal Politia, deputy editor-in-chief of the journal Bulletin of PSU, and a member of editorial board Spatial Economy. He was born on August 5, 1965, in Dushanbe.
In 1989, he graduated from the faculty of Philology of the Tadjic State University. The theme of his Candidates dissertation was Culturological Modeling of the Social Processes (1993). The theme of his Doctoral dissertation was Social Chaos: Philosophic Analysis and Interpretation (1998). He is a member of the all-Russian Philosophic Society, the Chairman of the Khabarovsk department of the Russian Associa-tion of Political Sciences, a member of Presidium of RAPS. He is the author of 74 research and research-methodological papers published in Russian, German and English among them 6 monographs.

Blyakher L. E.


The article reveals the political meaning of the "nostalgic consciousness" which prevails in Russia in the 21st century. Broad comparative material shows "crato"-centrism of Russian society and a particular type of legitimization of power (from transcendence). During different historical periods different phenomena served as this transcendence: external military force, "power from God", power of "objective historical laws", and power "from the world community". The author proves that the mythologized past becomes a source of legitimization when the former sources of legitimacy are compromised.

Key words: legitimacy, political transcendence, political center, presumption of guilt, status revolution, social nucleus, protective layer.

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