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Chuprov, Alexander Stepanovich Chuprov, Alexander Stepanovich Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, the Head of the Chair of Philosophy, Political Studies and Sociology at the Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University, Editorin-Chief of a research journal Society and Power.
He was born January 17, 1955, in the Amur Oblast. He graduated from the Faculty of Humanities of the Novosibirsk State University (1977). In 1984, he defended his Candidates Dissertation on History at the Tomsk State University. In 1996, after the doctoral candidacy at the Ural State University, he defended his Doctorate Dissertation on the problem of the meaning of human in the German Classic Philosophy. His aca-demic interests are: history of philosophy, philosophic anthropology, Russian history, social philosophy.



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Chuprov A. S.


The article offers an analysis of such symbols of human existence and nonexistence as cross and circle. The two basic types of relationships, spirit - nature (vertical) and subject-object (horizontal), which "penetrate" and organize human existence, are embodied in the symbol of cross. Being outlined by a circle, it makes a certain "quaternity", where each quarter segment symbolizes a relatively independent sphere of human existence, one of the four forms of human existence. Human nature is defined as follows: the human is a movement from nonexistence to nonexistence through existence.

Key words: symbol, existence and nonexistence, circle and cross, cosmo-centrism, antropo-centrism, theo-centricism, human nature, "circle of existence".

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