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Ukhanov, Vladimir Andreevich Ukhanov, Vladimir Andreevich Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, the Head of the Chair of Humanities at the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the Khabarovsk State Academy of Economy and Law. He was born on March 31, 1944, in Ashkhabad. He graduated from the Rostov State University, Faculty of Philosophy in 1976. The theme of his Candidates dissertation was The Essence and Functions of Information Demand in Social System (1989), the theme of his Doctoral dissertation was Information Activity of Human: a Socio-Philosophic Analysis (1998). He is a member of the Regional Dissertation Council D 218.003 for Philosophic Studies. His academic interests are: theory of cognition and social philosophy. He is the author of more than fifty research and research-methodological papers.



Ukhanov V.. Information Activity of Human. Khabarovsk: Khabarovsk State Technic Univerisity Publ., 1996.

Educational Aids

Ukhanov V.. Human in Information-Technology World. Khabarovsk: Khabarovsk State Academy of Economy and Law, 1999. 127 p.
Ukhanov V.. Information Sphere of Human Activity. Khabarovsk: Khabarovsk State Technic Unver-sity Publ., 1994. 32 p.

Ukhanov V. A.


The author analyses specific character and structure of information needs which has not been sufficiently studied in Russian and foreign literature. He reveals an integrative character of this need and underlines its priority relative to the other motifs of human activity. The concept of the author can be applied to the scientific and philosophic researches of the information sphere of human activity. The information sphere is a system organizing factor of social life and its value constantly grows in conjunction with scientific and technical progress.

Key words: information sphere of human existence, information needs, demands and interests, activity oriented approach.

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