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Arutyunyan, Margarita Pavlovna Arutyunyan, Margarita Pavlovna - Doctor of Philosophy, Associate professor, Professor, the Head of the Chair of Philosophy at the Far Eastern State University for Humanities. She was born on April 28, 1950, in Yekaterinburg. She graduated from the Urals State University, the Faculty of Philosophy in 1973. In 1977 she finished the post-graduate course at the Leningrad State University, her major was Ontology and Epistemology. The theme of her Candidates dissertation was: The Problem of the Scientific Fact in Philosophy and Natural Science (1978). The theme of her Doctoral dissertation was: World view: ontological and methodological approaches (2006). She is a Corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences about Nature and Society (IASNS). Her academic interests are: ontology and epistemology, history of philosophy, and philosophy of education. She is the author of more than sixty research and research-methodological papers in Russian and English.


Monographs and brochures

Arutyunyan .P. The World View Phenomenon: monograph. Khabarovsk: FESUH Publ., 2006. 321 p.
Arutyunyan .P. World View Problems of Humanization of School. Teacher student: invitation to reflection: series. On the Way to the Noospheric Consciousness; rubric Open teachers meeting. Khabarovsk, 1998. Issue 1. 81 p.


Arutyunyan .P. The Idea of Corporate Spirit in Education: Methodological Approach // Higher Education in Russia. 2006. 2. P. 7882.
Arutyunyan .P. World View: Ontological Bases of Paideia / .P. Arutyunyan // Higher education in Russia. 2006. 12. P. 6671.
Arutyunyan .P. World View and Education: formation of new paradigm // Higher education in Russia. 2004. 12. P. 32 37. (Philosophy of Education).
Arutyunyan .P. Post-modernism as Methodology and World-view: Contexts of Education // Bulletin of Khabarovsk Academy of Economy and Law. 2004. 3. P. 4554
Arutyunyan .P. Myth and Ideal within the Structure of Worlds View // Myth and Ideal in the Modern World: Collection of research works on the materials of the international research conference West-East: Education and Research at the Turn of the 21st Century. Khabarovsk: KhSPU Publ., 2001. P. 424.

The address: Building 6, office 513 68, K. Marx Str., Khabarovsk, 680000;
Tel./fax (4212) 21-01-00; e-mail: mpa@mail.kht.ru

Arutyunyan M. P.


The article substantiates the need for renewal of the meanings of the philosophical notion of "world view" (German - "Weltanshauung") on the basis of a phenomenological approach which reveals the intentional nature, ontological essence and functional potential of this universal phenomenon of culture. The author describes the sources of formation, evolution of meanings of the notion "world view", and the meaning of the methodological myth about the "absence of world view" in the tradition of the Western-European Philosophy.

Key words: world view, phenomenological approach, nature of world view, world view discourse, postmodern.

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