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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Dear Reader!

You are reading the first special issue of our journal "Philosophical Thought in the Priamurie". This issue has been prepared within the framework of the research-methodological conference "Modern Philosophy within the Context of Cross-Cultural Communications" (Vladivostok–Khabarovsk, August 8–11, 2008) and is dedicated to the 12th World Congress of Philosophers in Seul. These two events turned out to be a good reason for realization of the idea of creating a wide panorama of philosophic thought in the regions of the Russian Far East united by the same border and the great Amur.
The volume of journal cannot overwhelm the whole variety of the philosophical thought in the Priamurie. Nevertheless, the overbiew has become both broad and picturesque. Twenty three Doctors of Philosophy have presented the materials covering a wide range of themes and methodological basics: from the problems of psychophysiology to the philosophy of cinematograph, and from the phenomenology to Marxism. The readers will, undoubtedly, notice the originality of some ideals offered by the authors. They do not only fit into the context of the world and Russian philosophic traditions but contain new approaches to the solution of very urgent issues.
The geographic remoteness of the Far East from the central regions of Russia has long restrained and complicated the intellectual communications between them and interfered with the integration of the Far Eastern philosophers into the philosophical community of Russia. The effect of isolation revealed itself in its brightest in the post-Soviet epoch. The majority of nowadays readers within Russia (and the world) are not acqainted with the authors of this issue and their works. In order to fill this gap we provide the information about the authors before each article.
We sincerely hope that the materials published in this issue will be of interest for our readers and the issue itself will expedite the full-range integration of the philosophers of the Priamurie into the Russian and world philosophic community.

Professor Yury Serdyukov

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