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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #3, year 2008


Serdyukov Y. M. Editorial


Arutyunyan M. P. The Conception of World View: a Phenomenological Approach
Nikitin A. G. Methods of Science and Delusions of Cognition
Serdyukov Y. M. Information-Naturalistic Approach to the Solution of the Psychopsysiological Problem
Turkulets A. V. On the Correlation between the Method and Subject of Research within the Irrational Sphere
Ukhanov V. A. Specific Character and Structure of the Human Information Needs
Chuprov A. S. Human Existence and Nonexistence in the Simbol of Cross and Circle
Shulepova O. B. The Phenomena of Disagreement within the Context of Defining the Epistemological Status of Humanitarian Cognition


Zabiako A. P. Quazi-Religions: the Essence and Typology (Present-Day Methodological Approaches)
Kulyaskina I. Y. Russian Philosophers-Theists on the Christian Understanding of the Meaning of History: the Interpretation of the Kingdom of God within the Eschatological Perspective
Shabalin V. A. "The Prison Notebooks" of Antonio Gramshi: Party as a "Сollective Intellectual"


Blyakher L. E. About the Sources of Nostalgic Consciousness, or a Search for Legitimacy of Power
Breitman A. S. Classics and Postmodern: Is Dialogue Possible? (an Experience of Culturological Interpretation of Several Movies of the "New Russian" Cinematograph)
Valkovskaya V. V. Philosophical Problems of Ecological Awareness
Gerasimenko A. P. The Subject of the Philosophy of Law
Dokuchaev I. I. Values as Cardinal Type of Artefacts of Culture
Durin V. P. The Problems of Development of the Russian Far East and the Territorial Self-Awareness of the Far Eastern Citizens
Livshits R. L. The Objective Character of Research and a Commitment of a Researcher
Manikovskaya M. A. Art Culture as a System
Pazyuk K. T. Socio-natural Systems: the Methodology of Researching and Modeling on the Basis of а Functional Approach.
Revich I. M. The Idea of Cosmo Police, or Does the Cure for the "Phantom Pains" of Humankind Exist?
Smirnov B. A. The Methodological Approaches to the Development of the Territories of Human Activity
Sukharev V. A. The Methodology of Investigations of the Problems of National Security
Shkurkin A. M. Structural Hierarchy of the Adaptative Characteristics of Labor
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