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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #2, year 2008


Shkurkin A. M. Chinese Labor Force in the Russian Far East
Kalashnikova I. V. Ethnic Employment and Living Standards of Indeginous Minorities of the Russian Far East at the Turn of the Century
Voishnis V. E. Participation of the Electorate of the Russian Far East in the Elections of the State Duma of the Fifth Convocation (2007)
Lisitsin A. A. Discussion on the Construction of the Amur Railroad (late 1800s - early 1900s)
Voronov B. A. , Vecherskaya E. S. The Role of Ecological Social Technologies in Forming the Ecological Consciousness of the Population*.
Zhukovskaya О. V. Planning the Professional Career of Young Students: the Present Situation and Development Tendencies*
Vostokova N. V. The Institutionalization of Municipal Government: A Legal Analysis*
Volozhanina L. N. Affirmation of the Idea of Justice as a Means of Overcoming Cultural Trauma*
Mednikova А. А. Research of Communicative Activities of Older Teenagers*
Morozkina E. A. Pedagogical Experience оf Creating аnd Designing Modern Costume (On the Materials оf Folk Arts оf Priamurie)*
Muzychenko P. B. , Muzychenko N. P. Education as an Institutional Factor in the Reproduction of Human Capital within the System of Management of the Hotel Industry*
Protasov D. N. The Peculiarities of the Initial Stage of Investigation of Traffic Accidents Caused by Unsatisfactory Road Conditions*
Akhmylovskaya L. А. The Functions of a Translator within the International Theatrical Process.
Edlichko А. I. Semantic Transformations of German Political Internationalisms
Lebedko M. G. Cognitive Bases of Language and Culture
Bykova V. Language as the Main Factor of National Mentality
Modina G. I. Traditions of the Japanese Noo Theater in the M. Yourcenar's Play "Le Dialogue Dans le Marecage"
Priyatkina A. F. The Russian Punctuation System and Perspectives of Its Development
Romanova G. R. Literary Study Conceptions of V. Nabokov: Lectures on Literature
Ivankova T. A. Linguistic Features of China English (Lexical and Grammatical Levels)
Pervushina E. Shakespearean Theme in V. Petsepter's Poetry

* (Abstracts only)

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