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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2008


Valkovskaya V. V. Sustainable Development: from Utopia to Reality
Novik Y. O. , Viter I. V. Some Stylistic and Semantic Features of Ornamental Art of the Koryak
Zavalishin A. Y. The USA, Russia and China in the Projection of Territorial Behavior Theory
Meretsky N. E. Criminalistic Aspects of the Mechanism of Organization of Acts of Terrorism
Kovalchuk M. A. Railway Transportation in the Russian Far East (1891 - June, 1941): the Experience of the Formation and Modernization of the Industry
Shamsutdinova N. Z. The Main Characteristics of Heroes in the British Prose of "Magic" Realism
Dubyanskaya N. N. Forming а Socially-adapted Person by Means of SchoolingBased on Sociological Research Materials
Vinokurova A. V. Tendencies of Family Development and its Value Orientations within the Context of Social Transformations
Shelepova S. N. Investigation of the Young as the Subject of Social Relations
Pervushina Е. А. S.A. Wengerov's Edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets in the History of their Russian Translations
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