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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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Content of #3, year 2007


Pozdeeva N. V. Human needs for the system of socio-cultural values
Zatuliy A. I. Cultural science comments to costume-images "Arkadius"presented in collections of 2001-


Nevstrueva T. H. , Rezanova N. V. Level of claims in system of personal aspirations of a person
Sokolskaya М. В. To the question on self-control as a determinant of subject activity of a person
Beldy M. P. Ethnic consciousness as criterion of ethnos crisis (indigenous small ethnos of the North and the Russian Far East)
Kulishov V. V. The role of motivation in development of the professionally important qualities.of military psychologists on military faculty of humanitarian university
Kolomiytseva С. В. Psychological aspects of modern approaches of studying designing of databases


Voyshnis V. E. Participation of electorate of southern regions of the Far East in presidential elections in the Russian Federation (1991-2004)
Spassky E. N. Party system of Germany and the basic tendencies of its development at the present stage
Sinyakin S. V. To a question on new model of relationship between Russia and China
Lymar S. I. "Smenovekhovstvo" ("Changing of Signposts") in a context of the political compromise with the Soviet authority
Shapovalov V. А. Personality of a deserter - the characterization, features, typology


Zelenskaya S. Ju. History of activity of foreign consulates in the Russian Far East
Galaktionov L. V. Organizational forms of realization of activity on the railway transportation in Russian empire (1836-1917) and present-day Russia


Akhmylovskaya L. А. About necessity of more exact interpretation of terminology of Stanislavsky in cross-cultural theatrical process
Zhuk M. I. Concept "LOVE" in Bulat Okudzhava's linguistic picture of the world.
Kabakchi V. V. , Yuzefovich N. G. Transliteration of Russicisms in the English-speaking description of Russian culture (on the centenary of searches of transliteration system of Russicisms)
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