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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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Content of #2, year 2007


Potapchuk E. Yu. Role of a metaphor in transformation of socio-cultural realities (On an example of a poem of V.V. Mayakovskiy "Good!")
Pustovaya O. S. Language play in structures of daily occurrence


Skrytnikova N. V. Psycho-physiological determinancy of thinking and controlled foreign language teaching.
Vorobyeva K. I. , Chetvergova E. P. Psychological analysis of professionalactivity of dentists.


Voyshnis V. E. Financing of election campaign of the State Duma candidates in single-mandatory election constituencies of Primorsy and Khabarovsky Territories (2003)
Rasputnaya L. I. Position of the countries of Northeast Asia on a North-Korean nuclear problem
Shapovalov V. А. On the history of development of the Russian desertion legislation.
Lyapustina N. S. Problem of legal regulation of moving through customs border of the Russian Federation of fauna and flora objects jurisdictional CITES
Sheremetev A. K. Formation of the legislation in sphere of the customs taxation


Zalesskaya O. V. Some aspects of national policy concerning the Chinese migrants in the Soviet Far East in 20-30-ies of the XX century
Maslo O. A. Scientific organizations of the Russian Far East and their contribution to the development of Russian oriental studies (the end of the XIX-th - the beginning XX-th centuries.)
Tikhiy К. Т. Palestine or Russia: discussions in the American society on the solution of the Jewish question in the USSR in 1920-1930-ies
Ivanov A. V. Topical problem of studying history of cooperation in Russia in the beginning in the XX century


Grigoriev Ju. S. Conceptualization of idea of the God in a picture of the world of anglo-saxons
Nadezhkina Т. О. About literary cues in the trilogy by A. and B. Strugatsky "Inhabited island", "Bug in an ant hill", "Waves extinguish a wind"
Pertsevaya K. A. Particle "already" in the complicated offer (semi-predicativity)
Petrova T. I. , Chekmez A. Yu. Small written genres in linguistic image of Vladivostok
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