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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2007


Isakova N. V. Value of traditional ethnic culture as criterion of the analysis of social processes
Artashkina T. A. Problem of responsibility and structure of the social order
Gerasimenko A. P. Zmeu V.I., Kovtun I.P. A.I. Herzen, Russian classical scholar ofnon-classical philosophy


Korshunova N. L. Social responsibility of teachers
Novikova T. A. Model and modeling as bases of perfection of vocational training of specialist in engineering
Lukyanova E. L. Specific features of ethnic displays of mechanisms ofpsychological defense of Russian and Chinese students


Zavalishin A. Yu. Modern methodological prospects of sociology of region (regionalism)
Pecheritsa V. F. Dovgal G.V. The Far East elite: successes and miscalculations of self-organizing
Voronin I. K. Application of a rating estimation in management of law enforcement bodies activity
Lazareva I. V. On the question of criminalistic technique of investigation of crimes, connected with not authorized access to the network of cellular radio telephone communication


Pililyan E. K. Formation of "legislation field" for entrepreneur activity in the south of the Far East during end of 20th - the beginnings of the 21st century
Gorbatyuk E. S. Theoretical comprehension of English self-governing in Russian liberal conception


Biryukova O. A. Semantic and stylistic opportunities of Russian particles ("namely", "that is" in the prose by S. Dovlatov)
Modina G. I. Search of the absolute: a problem of infinity in Flaubert's early prose
Vlasova T. M. Pragmatic aspects of the speech communications(on a material of the English literary text)
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