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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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Content of #4, year 2006

Spassky E. N. Magazine "Social Sciences and the Humanities in the Far East" as a mirror of the humanity of the East of Russia


Serdyukov Yu. M. Concept of primacy of consciousness and holistic paradigm in transpersonal psychology of S. Grof
Vexler V. V. Religious philosophy of Feodor Feodorovich Sidonsky
Ivaschenko JA. S. Experience of the semiotic analysis of building ceremonialism of Nanai people


Makarov O. G. Intrapersonal conflicts in professional space of the practical psychologist


Pecheritsa V. F. Six-party negotiations as a way of settlement of nuclear crisis in Korea
Van Chzhi Tsen. Russian-Taiwan nongovernmental and public relations. Experience and problems
Marin E. B. Party-church relation as an element of politic-religious relations in present-day Russian society
Bondarenko V. V. Social and political science aspect of the Protestant movement in Prymorsky Krai
Turkulets S. E. Attitude of the Russian law to para-science and occultism
Lyapustina N. S. Peculiarities of seizure and search in the process of provingon criminal cases of cultural values smuggling


Moiseyev L. A. On the question of formation of innovative policy in the Russian Far East in the end of 20th - the beginning of 21st centuries (theory and practice)
Ivashov M. A. The Communist Party of Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the threshold of changes: the 10th Congress Results
Vashchuk A. S. Criminal situation in the Russian Far East in 1945-
Ivanov А. В. From the history of cooperation of the Russian Far East of the beginning of the 20th century


Ivankova T. A. Linguistic features of the Chinese regional version ofEnglish language (lexicon and grammar)
Sadchenko V. Т. On the question on typology of nonverbal signs representing semantic structure of the literary text
Juzefovich N. G. , Bordylovskaya A. V. Japanese loan words in a context of internal and external cultures
Kononova I. V. On the question on genesis of moral-ethical concept spheres in Anglo-Saxon and Russian cultures
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