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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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Content of #3, year 2006


Dzyuba S. V. Ontology of "B-theory" of time and a hypothesis of psycho-physiological nature of time flow
Agafonov V. V. Narrative philosophy of history: critical analysis of epistemological foundations
Gileva V. V. Fichte and Russian spiritually-academic philosophy
Potapchuk V. I. Realization of a principle of integrity in philosophic-anthropological concepts of S.L. Franc


Maryasova N. V. Spirituality as expression of humanity in modern psychology
Vorobyeva I. A. Experience of melancholy and its psycho-semantic analysis
GryaznovaT. V. Readiness to risk in structure of personality of the top managers of railways
Turantseva J. V. Constructive thinking as the factor of personal growth in post-extreme conditions
Dobrykh A. V. Stereotypes and reality of "paternalistic needs" of the students in the sphere of education.


Filyanina I. M. Comparative legislative analysis of constitutional models of development of Japan and China.
Aporevich V. N. Peculiarities of survey of place of incident of the crimes committed as a result of infringements of the rules of civil construction
Lazareva I. V. Criminalistic characteristic of the persons committing non-authorized access to networks of cellular communication
Bezotetskaya I. P. Application of tariff and not tariff customs regulation tothe foreign trade activity in sphere of export of forest products
Spassky E. N. Lost hopes: the Republican Party after the reunion of Germany


Donchenko A. I. Sova O.N. Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia is the army of people (Farc-ep). The basic stages of activity
Kuznetsov D. V. US public opinion after the events of September, 11th, 2001and policy of the USA in the Near East and the Middle East


Anisova A. A. Effect of semantic congestion in texts A. Platonov: on the material of the story "Trench"
Bykova G. V. Language as the main condition of national consciousness
Kirillov L. E. Concept "discourse": unity in plural
Tolstoguzova E. V. Strand-Weg" of V.I. Tumansky and elegiac tradition


Livshits R. L. Social and philosophical analysis of a problem of development of territories with extreme natural climatic conditions
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