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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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Content of #2, year 2006


Marina A. Voloshina Russian cosmists utopia: From space harmony to social harmony
Vadim I. Nekhayev Why engineer should know arts


Elena Yu. Rimliand and Marina Sipiagina Interaction in the Higher Education Institution
Natalia L. Korshunova Functions of the Innovative Pedagogical Idea: Social Aspect
Tamara A. Artashkina The Structure of Activity in Developing a Model of a Professional graduated from a higher education school
Natalia V. Semyonova A Child as a Subject of Social Life and Upbringing: Historical and Pedagogical Grounding
Natalia V. Zavodevkina Physical Education and Health Value: Gender Dimension
Larisa P. Lazareva Koreas Classical Prose as a Mirror of National Pedagogical Ideal
Ariuna R. Monsonova Psychological Problems of Ethnic Identity and Ethnoconfessional Identity of an Individual


Valery V. Khobta and Stanislav V. Siniakin Geopolitical Structuring of the Post-Soviet Space
Andrey Yu. Zavalishin The Center and Periphery in the Projection of Social and Economic Behavior: Interdisciplinary Approach
Inna V. Lazareva Criminalistic Taxonomy of the Ways of Unauthorized Access to Cellular Radio and Telephone Networks
Andrey M. Medvedev Applying Special Knowledge for Determiing a Mechanism of Stealing Cultural Value Items from Religious Buildings
Evgeni N. Spassky German Political Parties in the Unification of Germany: Functional Analysis


Alexei A. Kireyev Bill Clintons Doctrine (its Features and Continuity)
Sergei A. Golovkin The Social Structure of the Population in the Russian Far East in the 1920-1930-s.
Rudolf G. Leontyev and Valentina V. Komarova Setting Prices on Railroad Freightage: Historical Aspect


Ludmila P.Bondarenko On Localized Varieties of English in Eastern Asia (Pronunciation Aspects)
Olesia A.Gluschenko Semantic Relations Between Monosemantic Adverbs of Manner in General Russian and Those in Arkhangelsk Dialects
Anna P. Kargina Differences in General Russian Verb Grammar in Kamchatka Dialects and Literary Russian
Nobuyuki Nakamoto and Larisa A. Akhmylovskaya Russian Drama Translations in the Cross-Cultural Theater Process. The sun in the play the lower depths by maxim gorky
Natalia G. Yuzefovich Harmonizing political terms: myth or reality?

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