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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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Content of #3, year 2004


Breytman A. S. Shall we see the sky with the diamonds? (experience of cultural science interpretations of two movies of "new" Russian and "new" European cinema)
Dzyuba S. V. Paradox of D.E. Mac-Taggart and analytical philosophy of time
Yemelyanov А. М. On the phenomenological study of frame of mind
Gotnoga A. V. Colorable essence of the present day world-system


Vyaznikova L. F. Professional "authorship" of the heads of educational institutions as multivariate psychological formation
Nikitenko V. N. Standards of education and educational inquiries: the concept of the coordination
Fishbein M. H. Love of children as a valuable basis of the future teachers training
Kokorina O. R. Pedagogical assisting adaptation of students to the conditions of the present-day pedagogical education
Pasyukov P. N. Tracing tendencies in a state of health and physical activity of teachers of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Khabarovsk
Semenova N. V. Russian pedagogic about the correlation of individual and social in the ideals and goals of education of the person (the eighties of the 19th century - the thirties of the 20th century.)


Chang Vej On the matter of coordination of economic globalization and economic transformation
Tomilov V. A. Institutional (system) confidence as an element of the organization of professional activity
Nazarov M. S. On the methodological aspect of educational space:
Maksimenko C. I. The Far East in the system of defense of British Empire in 1920's
Garbar A. V. Legislation aspects of formation and development of a mutual insurance in Russia


Timoshenko В. Н. Policy of France in the Pacific region in the end of the 20th century
Romanov M. I. Parliamentary reform of 1832 in England and its influence on the evolution of political system of the country
Shulatov Ya. A. Matter of assignment of the military agent assistant in Japan as a reflection of the Russian policy in the Korean question after Russian-Japanese war, 1904-


Pak S. M. Personal names as markers of socially-psychological categories
Romanov G. R. Literary criticism concept of V. Nabokov: Lectures on foreign literature
Gorelov О. А. On the matter of rhythmic preferences in «Poems in prose» by I.S. Turgenev
Priyatkina A. F. Russian punctuation system and prospects of its development
Kracovskaya S. I. Joke in A. Platonov's creative works
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