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The Humanities And Social Studies in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2004


S. V. Dzyuba Time and Consciousness: Antique Sources of the Problem
I. M. Revich The Phenomenon of Humanity as a Philosophical and Anthropological Problem
S. V. Pishun The Role of German Scholars in Formation of Philosophical School in St.Petersburg Orthodox Ecclesiastical Academy in the Early 19th Century
A. A. Teslya and E. A. Tsitskevichute Occultism in the Russian Internet
I. V. Lazareva Gnoseological Aspect of Empathy


K. I. Vorobyova and G. L. Puchkova Subjective Well-Being: Experimental Psychological Analysis
M. V. Sokolskaya and E. Yu. Rubanova Methodological Approaches to Psychic Health
L. V. Kashirina Theoretical Approaches to Studying Socio-Psychological States


L. E. Blyakher Economic Culture of the Borderline Territory: Regional Aspect(based on the data of Khabarovsk and St. Petersburg )
V. A. Tomilov Social Institutions and a Continuous Development of the Modern Society
V. V. Pupey Developing Party Ideas in China and the Specifics of the Chinese Party Theory
S. V. Sinyakin Political Elite: Theory and Methodology


Yu. V. Pikalov Basics of the Social Policy in the Russian Far East (1923-1941)
V. M. Peskov The Chinese Factor and the Russian Far Eastern Policy
T. Ya. Ikonnikova The Soviets of the Russian Far East and the Problem of Prisoners of War
N. G. Kulinich The Educational Aspect of the Socio-Cultural Dynamics in the Far Eastern Cities of the RSFSR in the 1920-30s.
A. A. Piotrovich The Cyclic Character of Railroad Development in the Russian Far East and the Problems of Providing Resources for This Development


R. D. Gneusheva Nikolai Roerich’s Estimation of Russian Classics. Some Aspects of the Moral Teaching of the Philosopher-Painter
A. V. Ilyichov Poetics of "Contradiction" in the Literary Work of N.M.Karamzin
M. G. Lebedko The Cognitive Bases of Language and Culture Interaction
G. I. Modina Art Reminiscences in Flaubert’s drama La Temptation de Saint Antoine
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